Types of Elder Housing 

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)-  generally provides care for those that need a nurse (such as wound care, IV, Peg tube feedings, etc) or rehab nursing stay. 


Rehab Center (SNF)- another name for skilled nursing facility (see above)


Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)- Provides care assistance for those who can not quite live independently. (Provides assistance for several activities of daily living)


Continuing Care Residential Community (CCRC)- A senior living community that provides all levels of care and offers the incentive that if your health declines you can stay there and progress to the next level of care.


Family Care homes- Homes or small facility with 20 beds or less that provide care to those types as the assisted living level of care. 


Group Homes- Home with up to 5 beds that provide assisted living level of care.


Independent Living - a community that offers senior apartments, condos, residential homes for those seniors who can live independently and able to continue to manage own affair.  Typically community cares for yard work and maintenance and repairs, etc. Many locations now offer in-home assessment by the nurse if there are a fall and sudden sickness. Many also offer on campus dining room if desired as well as on campus physician services.