The beginning

Welcome to the Golden Life Journeys where my goal is help families navigate long term. I really entered this industry as teenager when parents began their journey of caring for a parent and of course I was watching closely. My grandmother, who is the inspiration for much of what my career, became a focal point in my life. In the light of no longer being able to live independently, my parents moved her in with us. The difficulties and safety issues were real and right before our eyes. over the course of time, I began to assist in bathing and getting her dressed each day. It turned out I loved it. Furthermore, we had a connection and many times she would not allow anyone else to assist. As the dementia progressed caring for her at home became harder. My mother did not have other family available to help out and my parents made the decision that she would need to enter a nursing home. I remember being devastated. Because of the community we lived in there were few facilities nearby therefore she was placed about 40 minutes away making frequent visits difficult. Nevertheless, she was placed here and I began to see things happen. Keep in mind I am a minor and seeing things from that perspective but there was so many things I did not understand. It seemed to start with falls, eventually she was no longer walking and the skin breakdown. I acknowledge that I did not understand all the nuances but there was a sense in me that I did not like the care she was getting. It did not feel personal, it lacked compassion, and I knew that something was missing. My heart longed to be more involved and somehow I believed that care could be done in a better way. This passion and desire lead me to the desire to become a nurse where I felt I would have the ability to effect change in this industry. I attended the University of Virginia and graduated from their school of nursing with a bachelors in Nursing. From there my struggles did not end. You see my story is full of ups and downs and real struggles like everyone else. I was ready and excited enter the world of nursing but I failed the board exam. The calling and passion for this industry so pulled my that I pushed threw and overcame and passed this test to officially become a RN. Over the past 20 years, I have desired to work toward becoming an expert in this area. I have experience working with home health/ hospice, assisted living, and skilled nursing. For majority of my time in this industry I functioned in the capacity of nurse leader. Ive interacted with hundreds of family's and their unique situations. So many sad cases. So many factors. The challenge is great. The cost is extreme and it seems that its only really set up for the ultra wealthy. With a nursing home stay costing $7000-10000 per month and private care at home running at the same or even higher cost depending upon the area that you live in, many families look at the horizon and wonder what to do. The industry is hard to navigate. Insurances can be confusing, sometimes doctors are not really helpful although they may make a recommendations for care but how does it really work. Well, over the past 20 years I have wondered and desired to learn this exact things. There is no one answer because every case and situation is unique. Because, I have experienced so many who wanted or needed some guidance while navigated this season, i decided to start Golden Life Journeys. It is my desire to provide useful information and tips to help people navigate this difficult season. Please watch my youtube videos, subscribe, share the information. My website is also I place I desire to place resources and information. Lastly, I am available to do private consultations. Telephone consultation or home visits in my area can be booked in my website.

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