STEP 3: 


What physician team provides medical services and how often are they available?

This information is very important and should be notated for future reference.  This team will be the ones who care for your loved one.  Depending on their availability and responsiveness, healthcare will greatly impacted.  Pay special attention to their visit schedule and even how far are their offices away from the facility.


Will I have to pay any fees outside of Medicare A or insurance coverage? 

Understanding all the fees upfront will alleviate stress and financial turmoil within families.  Asking these questions BEFORE admittance helps to guide decision-making.

How will the discharge plan be communicated ? 

Many times, special care will be required upon discharging of a patient.  Ensure that a plan is thoroughly explained with enough time to make necessary adjustments.

When will I be notified regarding care plan meetings? 

Being involved of the care of your loved one helps to ensure the best care possible.  Always inquire about care plans and changes regarding your loved one.


Will my loved one receive therapy services and if so how often?

Never assume any specialized care will be provided.  Asking ensures the family stays in the loop and proper care is provided.


How often will I receive updates on my loved one status or medication changes?

A responsive geriatric facility keeps families abreast of any changes and health conditions as soon as they occur.  Be sure to create a high standard of being notified of any deviations of status or care.